East Lindsey District Council in partnership with Arts Council England, launched a summer festival in Skegness in 2009, called SO. The title 'SO' comes from the famous 1908 John Hassall poster which features the town's Jolly Fisherman dancing along the beach with the slogan of 'Skegness is SO Bracing' at the bottom.

Since 2009, and with significant investment from East Lindsey District Council, support from Arts Council England and embracing the Cultural Olympiad, the festival has grown from 3 to 9 days and covers the whole district.

SO Festival is now established as the regions leading outdoor cultural festival with audiences of all ages that want to see stunning performances.

From 1 January 2015, SO Festival is organised by Magna Vitae. Magna Vitae is a partner to East Lindsey District Council which provide significant support for the work we do.


SO Festival continues to develop itself as the most exciting, innovative and accessible outdoor arts festival in the UK. SO will promote and present the best festival arts and entertainment, bringing new audiences and creating new opportunities and experiences for the people of East Lindsey and beyond.


Centred in East Lincolnshire we reach local residents and work with our partners to reach tourists from across the Midlands and Yorkshire. Engaging those not engaged in the arts we ignite their interest and enjoyment of the arts by providing opportunities to learn new skills, experience new things, and challenge themselves though exciting and unforgettable arts projects.


As a newly formed organisation, we are at an exciting moment. With a history of success, under a new charitable structure we will evolve to be the most exciting, innovative and accessible arts festival in the UK.

By removing the barriers of age, health, social or geographical isolation SO festival will increase the number of people enjoying the arts. The festival will also contribute to the local economy and support the development of local artists and the creative industries.

We will remove these barriers by working with the very best regional, national and international artists to present the very best festival arts and entertainment and create a year round programme of activities.

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