NEW Artist Development Programme Announced

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Published 21st October 2016. Opportunity for Outdoor Artists based in the area!

SO Festival 2017 are pleased to announce that we will be working with Déda in the delivery of the OffSite Programme.

Offsite is a NEW artist development programme run by Déda to follow on from the published evaluation of On Site (2013).

The programme has been established to develop further opportunities for outdoor artists based in the region. Over its course, the programme looks to create opportunities that take regional talent to the national and international market place whilst representing Déda as a Midlands hub for Outdoor Arts Development.

The Offsite Programme will run for three years and year one will focus on the development of the Outdoor Arts in the Midlands. The initiative will be hosted by Déda, however supported and developed with and by regional partners.

The Offsite Programme will run for three years and Year 1 will focus on:

Training and development

  • Four training/workshop sessions, considering a range of components that will benefit the needs of artists and producers in the region

  • Work with key regional, national and international partners & funding bodies to deliver sessions

Open network

  • Host a regional network that keeps the sector connected to regional, national and international activities

  • Offer the opportunity to voice and discuss development needs for regional artists

  • Create a network of creatives that can support each other's practice, share knowledge & continue to grow the regional outdoor arts scene

  • Networking opportunities to engage with practitioners, festivals and commissioning partners in the outdoor sector

Commissioning opportunities

  • Offer a series of small commissions to outdoor artists to continue to support the development of the sector regionally

  • Offer time, space and resources needed for enable artists to flourish creatively

Test bed events

  • Create a succession of events that showcase a series new outdoor productions at the 'work in progress' stage

  • Open up new opportunities for audiences, commissioning partners & festival managers to engage with artists at the early stages of the work's development

For more information about the Offsite Outdoor Arts Development Programme, please contact:

Phill Hargreaves, Creative Producer

Tel: 07702 755705

Others working on the project are;

Derby Festé - Appetite Stoke - Birmingham Hippodrome - Leicester City Council

If you are an artist who works on outdoor art and would like to receive more information on the programme OffSite, you can do so by signing up to a specific newsletter on the left hand side of this webpage - you will receive ONLY information regarding OffSite.

Date for your diary! On 24th November 2016, Déda will be hosting the first workshop at Déda between 1pm to 4pm - Writing Grants for the Arts for Outdoor Arts, and then hosting an official Launch of the programme at 5pm to 7pm.