Young People - We Need You for a Creative Weekend!

Emma Wee - Illustration

An exciting opportunity has arisen for a group of Young People from Skegness to work with Professional Designer, Emma Wee, to develop and programme a space within the SO Festival 2017 programme in partnership with Garsington Opera.


Young People, we need you to;

"Create, Make and Do" a set design for SO Festival

A family space with a twist has been curated between a group of Young People of Skegness aged 11 - 16 years old & Artist Professional Designer, Emma Wee, which has been designed and inspired by Garsington Opera's screening of Semele.

Now it is time for the fun part of making EVERYTHING we need in preparation for SO Festival.

This is where you come in!

SO Festival is hosting a number of sessions to complete the task, which include;

  •  Making props, such as flame hats, thunder bolts, greek god / goddess wreaths
  •  Paint six huge storyboards, which depict the story of Semele, through comical "face in the hole style" picture
  •  Create and paint a coconut shy style "Castle"
  •  Dress coconuts as Semele
  •  Create and paint a big wheel of fortune game
  •  Make god / goddess figurines for "man of strength game"
  •  Flames

*Emma Wee example illustration of Face in the Hole picture

Emma Wee - Illustration Displays a larger version of this image in a new browser window
Emma Wee - Illustration

It is not to late to join us.  Opportunity suitable for 11 to 16 yrs old.


Timetable Date





Monday 19th June (After school activity)

Preparing set ready to be painted/ final propping for the games

Embassy Theatre, Meeting Room

5pm to 6.30pm

Skype call with Emma Wee

Saturday 24th June and Sunday 25th June

(Full Days)

Painting/finishing of the set

Skegness Grammar School (TBC)

11am to 5pm

Direct Session with Emma Wee

Saturday 1st July and Sunday 2nd July

Get in, production period and final presentation

Boating Lake, Skegness

Full Day - Details TBC at a later stage


If you would like to attend any of the sessions listed, please contact;

Katie-Louise Green

SO Festival Coordinator to express your interest

01507 613449

We will require a parent / guardian to complete a Consent Form and Photography Consent Form prior to you participating in the Project.

Background: SO Festival & Garsington Opera

Garsington Opera has been presenting a screening of a range of operas at SO Festival over a number of years. In 2015, the presentation took place in Louth, and from 2010-2014 the opera has been shown on a big screen on the beach at Skegness as part of the festival. In 2016, Opera for All and SO Festival collaborated to create a 'garden party' space to screen the opera; with picnic tables, a white picket fence and free tea, coffee and cake served from an airstream caravan.

Background: SO Festival

Since 2009, East Lindsey District Council has worked with Arts Council England to stage one of the East Midlands' largest and most diverse outdoor cultural events - SO Festival.

The theme for SO Festival in 2017 is play. This will be referenced throughout the 2017 event through a series of new digital & gaming commissions, together with increased opportunities for communities, groups and schools to participate in the development of the programme, using their free time to play with the Festival.

SO Festival will continue to have a vintage, steam punk feel, referencing the locality and providing a 'hook' for the audience.

Background: Garsington Opera for All

Garsington Opera for All is an exciting three year partnership between Garsington Opera, the charitable trust Magna Vitae, and the Coastal Communities Alliance, and is supported by Arts Council England's Strategic Touring Fund.

With particular focus on isolated coastal communities, Garsington Opera for All works in collaboration with local authorities and cultural organisations across four main areas of the UK; Thanet (Kent), Grimsby, Skegness and Somerset. In these partnership areas the programme delivers free public screenings of live performances from Garsington Opera, alongside a wider programme of participatory learning sessions for schools and adult groups aiming to promote, develop and sustain cultural opportunity in each area.

Theme - Semele

Handel's opera Semele is a love story with a twist; the god Jupiter is captivated by the beauty of the all-too-human Semele. Jupiter entrances Semele by promising that 'Where e'er you walk' he will arrange for trees to provide welcome shade, and that at her every step, flowers will blossom into life. She rejoices, with unabashed sensual delight, in everything that Jupiter has to offer, singing triumphantly of 'Endless pleasure, endless love'. In this parable of over-ambition and over-indulgence Semele flirts with danger by demanding immortality and suffers the consequences, leaving behind her one life-enhancing legacy - her son, Bacchus, god of wine. Inspired by the dramatic and colourful mythological characters, Handel's music is powerfully seductive. Semele features some of Handel's most beautiful music, with soaring choruses and splendid orchestral writing enhancing this most touching and humorous opera.