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The Strong Lady breaks things, lifts people and makes you laugh - and does it all in a ladylike way. Amazing. This show is a joyful and exciting addition to festivals and events -­‐ you will walk away smiling from this wholehearted celebration of femininity and strength.

Mablethorpe, 30 June, 8pm, High Street
Skegness, 1 July, 3.30pm, Tower Gardens
Skegness, 1 July, 7.30pm, Tower Esplanade/ RNLI
Skegness, 2 July, 2pm & 4.15pm, Tower Gardens.

A genuine strong woman, Betty Brawn presents an exhilarating array of demonstrations of strength: she tears thick books in half with her bare hands, twists solid metal, snaps steel chains and shatters gender cliches as she performs the Human Carousel - carrying the weight of two gigantic men from the crowd.

Beautifully crafted and presented by a strong show­‐woman, Betty Brawn excites audiences around the world: from families at festivals to late night crowds with champagne in hand. This theatrically trained Strong Lady performs her incredible array of stunts, not in the brutish style of a strong man, but with the elegance of a true Strong Lady.

"Spectacular and very special... people are going to be talking about this non stop... I can hardly believe it." Jo Whiley, BBC TV (UK)

"Betty Brawn oozes charm & wit. She holds the audience in her hand while twirling men above her head." Glimpse of London Magazine (UK)

Why are you looking forward to coming to SO Festival 2017?  It is a great opportunity to engage & lift a new audience! See you soon folks.

What can the audiences expect from your work?  The show involves audience participation, as her favourite feats of strength involve lifting grown men into the air. The men she invites out of the audience are always treated with respect and kindness while this gentle Strong Lady lifts them overhead as though they were feathers.

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