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The Strong Lady broke things, lifted people and made us laugh - and did it all in a ladylike way. Amazing. This show was a joyful and exciting addition to festivals and events - people walked away smiling from this wholehearted celebration of femininity and strength.

A genuine strong woman, Betty Brawn presented an exhilarating array of demonstrations of strength: she teared thick books in half with her bare hands, twisted solid metal, snaped steel chains and shattered gender cliches as she performed the Human Carousel - carrying the weight of two gigantic men from the crowd.

Beautifully crafted and presented by a strong show­‐woman, Betty Brawn excited all our audiences.  This theatrically trained Strong Lady performed her incredible array of stunts, not in the brutish style of a strong man, but with the elegance of a true Strong Lady.

"Spectacular and very special... people are going to be talking about this non stop... I can hardly believe it." Jo Whiley, BBC TV (UK)

"Betty Brawn oozes charm & wit. She holds the audience in her hand while twirling men above her head." Glimpse of London Magazine (UK)

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