Travelling Light Circus

This really is an illusion that has to be seen to be believed, and be sure to stick your head in the box to get the best effects!

Skegness, 1 July, 1pm, Tower Gardens
Skegness, 2 July, 12 noon, Tower Gardens

This installation is called Into Infinity because that's a bit what it feels like when you put your head inside the mirrored box! There are mirrors on all four walls, so whichever way you look, you see reflections of your face & the back of your head & the sides of your face, & the back of your head again... repeated ad infinitum.

That's only part of the story; at the end of the box is a projection screen showing live video that you can control. You point the camera & you control the 'kaleidoscoper', a wheel that turns the video image into a kaleidoscopic effect. Turn the wheel clockwise & the image is split into more & more divisions, becoming increasingly flower-like.

"Your creativity & passion built an event that won't be forgotten for a long time!" Helen Seddon, Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust.

"The installation looked magnificent, a highly engaging festival piece. Well done!" Bradley Hemmings, Artistic Director - Greenwich + Docklands International Festival.

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