Travelling Light Circus - Happy, Tappy & Zappy

Huge & colourful, & hugely popular due to the insanely good fun that can be had with them; these 3 'boxes' are interactive speakers that make wacky sounds & change your voice. Fully waterproof & suitable for all sorts of places, we find they are a particularly big hit with children & teenagers.

Skegness, 1 July, 1pm, Tower Gardens
Skegness, 2 July, 12 noon, Tower Gardens

The largest box (Tappy) is essentially a sample bank, played by tapping the painted parts of the structure. There are 12 samples that can be chosen especially for each event, & we can even change them once or twice throughout the day to keep the levels of curiosity at a maximum!

Zappy, the giant trapezium, was modelled on an electronic dub siren, so has independent controls for modulation, delay, pitch & feedback. Even those with no previous experience in this type of music-making, can quickly start to make spacey-styled soundscapes straight from the future!

Happy is a voice-charger, with 2 separate buttons & a microphone. Press the top button, speak into the mic, & your voice becomes deeper & all wobbly!

"Your creativity & passion built an event that won't be forgotten for a long time!" Helen Seddon, Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust.

"The installation looked magnificent, a highly engaging festival piece. Well done!" Bradley Hemmings, Artistic Director - Greenwich + Docklands International Festival.

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