Be a Reviewer for SO Festival

Shreya Sen-Handley

We are offering a FREE workshop with Shreya Sen-Handley for those who have an interest in writing reviews and personal blogging. What would we like in return? For you to attend SO Festival and review our programme, send your material to, which will be published on our website and social media channels.


Wednesday 21st June 2017

6.30pm to 8.30pm

Neverland Theatre

Prince George Street


PE25 2BD


Call Katie-Louise Green to book a place at or 01507 613449.

In association with Writing East Midlands to celebrate National Writer's Day

Get Writing!

Shreya Sen-Handley will lead this blogging workshop.  She is regularly published by the likes of The Guardian, The National Geographic, Times of India, and more. She had a popular CNN India blog which is the basis of the memoir HarperCollins has commissioned her to write - "Memoirs of My Body". She has also been published in short story anthologies by Five Leaves UK, Lucifer Press UK, and Australia's Transportation Press.

Her illustrations have been published by Hachette and HarperCollins.

Her memoir, mentioned above, is to be published by HarperCollins in July 2017.

A former broadcast journalist and television producer for international channels such as CNBC and MTV, and Bureau Chief for News International's Channel [V] in East India, Shreya Sen-Handley has also been a senior communications manager for a decade, sitting on the area management board at Royal Mail East Midlands.

On her return from her sabbatical to raise her family, she went back to print journalism where she had begun her career, writing for The Guardian, The National Geographic, The Hindu, Times of India, Scroll, Nottingham Post, and many other publications and websites, this time around. Her CNN India column proved exceptionally popular, which prompted HarperCollins to commission her to write her memoir, "Memoirs of My Body" to be published in July 2017.

Her short fiction and illustrations have been published by Five Leaves UK, Lucifer Press UK, Australia's Transportation Press, HarperCollins and Hachette. She featured in Nottingham's successful UNESCO City of Literature bid book of seven select short stories. She was also part of the bid team that won the coveted status for the city in December 2015. She was Nottingham's City of Literature Ambassador, as well as on the board of Nottingham Festival of Literature, before taking time out to write her memoir for HarperCollins. Shreya also teaches creative writing for a wide range of organisations including the University of Nottingham. She is a familiar face in Nottingham, appearing often on Notts TV, BBC and other media.