Southpaw Dance Company

SO Festival is looking for swing enthusiasts, dance students and others with a basic level of performance experience for a once in lifetime opportunity this summer!

Download an word icon Southpaw Dance Company Registration Form [60kb] for further details.

Participants will learn basic choreography from Southpaw Dance Company, culminating in six performances at SO Festival 2017.

Southpaw Dance Company would like individuals/ groups to perform alongside their professional cast of dancers for their exciting production; Speakeasy.

Speakeasy is a 1920's styled piece that features Charleston, Lindy, and solo Jazz, alongside Southpaw Dance Company's distinctive Breaking (BBoy) and contemporary style.


Participants MUST be available to learn choreography the week commencing Monday 19th June 2017 and take part in a minimum of 3 performances; commencing the Monday 26th June.


Two company dancers are in the area week commencing Monday 19th June 2017. You will be required to attend rehearsals that have been assigned to your group, there are a number of evening rehearsals you can attend in addition to learn and practise the routines.  We have organised an overall rehearsal on Monday 26th June 2017, 6pm to 8pm at Grosvenor House Hotel, Skegness.  It will be important to attend this rehearsal as you will meet the entire Southpaw Dance Company cast and understand how your routines fit into the performance.


Here are the dates for the performances of Speakeasy by Southpaw Dance Company

  • Tuesday 27th June, Spilsby at 7pm to 7.45pm (Available 2 hours before)

  • Wednesday 28th June, Horncastle at 7pm to 7.45pm (Available 2 hours before)

  • Thursday 29th June, Alford at 7pm to 7.45pm (Available 2 hours before)

  • Friday 30th June, Mablethorpe at 7pm to 7.45pm (Available 2 hours before)

  • Saturday 1st July, Skegness at 1pm to 1.45pm (Available 2 hours before)

  • Sunday 2nd July, Skegness at 12pm to 12.45pm (Available 2 hours before)


All performers can claim expenses for their time for participating in this project, in which an expenses form will be given. This includes bus fares, taxi fairs; mileage can be claimed at £0.35 per mile and refreshments if neccessary.  Expenses can be claimed back if receipts are kept and shown.