Amor by Bilbobasso

A couple in a ring. They’ve got quite a few years of marriage under their belt, and now their tenderness is made up of cruelty and violence.

Today, on edge, they can’t get close without murdering each other. The smallest thing can ignite the situation. Actually everything ignites in their home! Cooking, laundry, vacuuming: all these activities and everyday objects find themselves in the middle of a real domestic and unpredictable bullfight where flame, smoke and coloured flying sparks transform an all-too-common situation into a stunning, giant firecracker.

This show is a comedy, a fight, a duel. It’s ambivalent, crazy, playful, savage and tenacious. You’ll never quarrel the same way again!

Hervé Perrin and Delphine Dartus started Bilbobasso in 2006 in France.

SO Festival is an associate member of The Coasters Network.

Amor by Bilbobasso is part of The Coasters Network, in which SO Festival is an associate member of.

Supported by Arts Council England’s Strategic Touring Fund, Coasters is a three year project that brings world-class circus and street arts work to coastal towns across England. SeaChange Arts lead a consortium of 11 organisations with the shared ambition of building relationships with audiences in areas of lower engagement and helping transform perceptions of coastal towns.


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