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Woest - Leaving Normal

Woest – Leaving Normal

Woest Woest is the combined choreographic and performative powers of Manon Avermaete and Paulien Truijen. This Dutch company bring dance theatre with a touch of

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Humanhood - Orbis

Humanhood – Orbis

Humanhood This UK company was founded in 2016 by Birmingham and Catalan born artists Rudi Cole and Júlia Robert Parés. Humanhood create immersive dance productions

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Max Calaf Sevé - Dip

Max Calaf Sevé – dip

Max Calaf Sevé Presented by Stage Utopia Productions Ltd, this is a contemporary art circus company. They perform Europe-wide, creating indoor & outdoor performances. Max

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Hikapee - Look Up

Hikapee – Look Up

Hikapee A circus theatre company from the UK that take stories into the air, into theatres and to the outdoors. Hikapee create narrative driven work

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Super Super - Splash

Super Super – Splash

Super Super Conveying sensitive subjects through humour, this French Company uses body language and emotions to silently perform. Splash Two clowns present a synchronised swimming

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