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The Murphy Effect performed by 1Watt

The Murphy Effect by 1Watt

The show sees four middle-of-the-road oddballs visit their favourite town spot…and then gradually let go of their inhibitions. The French-based artists all have eclectic backgrounds

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Amor by Bilbobasso

A couple in a ring. They’ve got quite a few years of marriage under their belt, and now their tenderness is made up of cruelty

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Become a ‘Pac-man’

Become a ‘Pac-man’or a spaceship pilot at this year’s SO Festival! POPULAR arcade games will spring to life in a virtual reality experience at this

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Wanted by eVenti Verticali

WANTED is a virtual animation… live! A 2d cartoon with 3d heroes. The videography, inspired by comics and videogames of the 80s, portrays different landscapes

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