Wanted by eVenti Verticali

WANTED is a virtual animation… live!

A 2d cartoon with 3d heroes. The videography, inspired by comics and videogames of the 80s, portrays different landscapes and scenarios with which the characters interact. The two artists are tossed around between spy-story scenes and acrobatic combats. From Pac Man labyrinths and Super Mario settings to a risky ‘Mission Impossible’ … you’ll be be watching with bated breath!

With the police running after them, the two heroes go on an adventurous trip balanced between real world and fantasy.

Performing for the first time in the UK, the artists are SO excited about bringing their world-renowned show to a British audience.

eVenti Verticali is a cultural association aiming to promote an unusual type of theatre to be performed on vertical and aerial stages.


Hailing from Italy, eVenti Verticali is under the artistic direction of Luca and Andrea Piallini. The Piallini Brothers founded eVenti Verticali in 2006 after uniting their performing careers: one based in theater, the other in circus and acrobatics. The company is based in Sardinia.

Why are eVenti Verticali excited about coming to Skegness?

“It will be out UK’s National Premiere! We are so excited about bringing our world- renowned show to the british audience. Not only you will see a lot of acrobatics and impressive evolutions in the air, but also a cops and robbers story that will make you laugh!”

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