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Guillaume Paoli
Guillaume Paoli

Guillaume Paoli (* 1959) is a German-French philosopher, living in Berlin. He has, among other things, been associated with Leipzig Theater and has been responsible for The Red Salons at Volksbühne in Berlin, where he has been a significant voice in the debate on the firing of Frank Castorf in 2015.

His latest highly-acclaimed book “Die Lange Nacht der metamorphosis” (2017) deals with the gentrification of our culture and is an analysis of
the threat of European culture due to the impact of neoliberalism.

He is currently writing a book about the yellow vests movement in France which will be published in August 2019, where he presents an in-depth analysis of what happens when invisible groups in society suddenly appear.


Conversations and self-critical reflections in Skegness.

Are we giving YOU new perspectives on your life and culture through SO Festival?

Start your Saturday morning with some conversation, a talk led by the German-French philosopher.

Booking is advisable.

Where & when

Saturday 31 August 2019
Upstairs at the Embassy, Embassy Theatre, Skegness

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