Humanhood – Orbis


This UK company was founded in 2016 by Birmingham and Catalan born artists Rudi Cole and Júlia Robert Parés.

Humanhood create immersive dance productions fusing light, costume, sound & movement, each at its highest quality.

Humanhood - Orbis
Humanhood – Orbis

The company has also explored multi-sensory approaches using scents and 360º surround sound installations during dance performances in theatre settings.


A visually astonishing outdoor duet that explores the relationship between humankind and Earth’s permanent natural satellite: the Moon.

Performed as a contemporary ritual, revisiting the mystical place the Moon holds in the history of human culture. Orbis is accompanied by a 360º surround sound  and a circular black astroturf where the dancers perform with volatile black and silvery capes.

This show is commissioned by Without Walls, Brighton Festival and Norfolk & Norwich Festival , co-commissioned by Dèda Derby and supported by DanceXChange.

Where & when

Saturday 31 August 2019
Compass Gardens, Skegness

Sunday 1 September 2019
Compass Gardens, Skegness
12pm & 2.30pm

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