Nakupelle – Circus Bardo & The Trap


The company was founded in 1992 with the goal of creating original work based on popular theatre forms – circus, slapstick, clown, mime, mask and commedia dell ‘arte.

Joe Dieffenbacher’s has an impressive work history including:

  • Physical Comedy Director at Shakespeare’s Globe, London
  • Circus Skills Director at The Scottish National Opera
  • Lead Instructor at Dell’Arte International, California.
  • Performances with Take That

Circus Bardo

A crazy circus hosted by master clown, comedian and acrobat, Lucius “Lightning Bolt” Bardo.

Featuring the miraculous Tube of Transformation, delightful Dancing Capes, the jazzy Juggling Cups, Kids Acrobatics and the world-famous Little Anna (Stunt Baby).

The Trap

Technology and nature battle with an unlucky fool caught in the middle.  Sublime slapstick and poetic pitfalls, mad music, peculiar props and hilarious physical comedy.



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