Festival Flypasts

A RARE appearance in the skies of Skegness by one of only two Lancaster Bombers left flying in the world will be a major attraction during the final afternoon of SO Festival 2019.

In a last-minute change of plan, due to mechanical issues with the Dakota, the crowds will now be treated to the Lancaster flypast, which is diverting over the Lincolnshire Festival on Sunday afternoon, September 1, on its return to RAF Coningsby from the Bournemouth Air Show. Barring any weather or mechanical complications, the crew of the craft will be over the resort at approximately 2.55pm, with the pilot being Flt Lt Neil Farrell.

Meanwhile on the two other festival days – tomorrow (Friday) in Mablethorpe at 1.24pm and on August 31 (Saturday) at 5.40pm in Skegness Coningsby-based Flt Lt Andy Preece will be piloting a Spitfire flypast.

For Flt Lt Preece piloting this historic ‘lady’ over Lincolnshire’s skies is a dream come true: “There is not a day goes by that I don’t pinch myself,” he said as he prepared for his weekend SO Festival appearance.

Thousands of people are once again expected at 2019 SO, which starts in Mablethorpe tomorrow (Friday) before moving to Skegness for the weekend.

One of the largest outdoor festivals of its kind in the UK, the three-day family extravaganza is free with renowned artistic director from Denmark, Jens Frimann Hansen, once again bringing some of the best European artists to perform alongside fantastic UK acts.

Highlights from Europe include performances by Italian artist La Fabiola, French clowns Super Super, Denmark’s Passepartout Theatre Productions and street theatre company Albedo. Top UK family entertainment comes from circus theatre company Hikapee, Helen Eastman Productions, Max Calaf Seve and Humanhood – all supported by Without Walls, an organisation dedicated to raising the profile of the outdoor arts sector.

There is also bookable networking and social events, and the Festival has East Lindsey TED Age-Friendly status with a Blue Zone introduced – a dedicated area for visitors with disabilities, life altering conditions or special educational needs, as well as their family and carers, to relax and refresh. Wrist bands can be booked in advance.

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